Lumi Router

This is fork of Lumi Router JN5169 firmware for use with the LM15-SP-WM module used in the Xiaomi Smart Plug (ZNCZ02LM).
Also it can be used with any other JN5169 based module.

The only difference is the ability to reset the device using a button on DIO 0.
In the original firmware, all control takes place only through the serial port.

How to flash

  1. Download JN-SW-4107 and install
  2. Connect using JP1 to your USB-TTL according to table below:
LM15-SP-WM (JP1)JN5169FunctionUSB-TTL
4DIO 9/39VDD3.3V
  1. Download firmware binary to C:\NXP\ProductionFlashProgrammer and open console at this folder.
  2. Run JN51xxProgrammer.exe -s COM1 -f LumiRouter_20210707.bin -v -V

Reset and join

The device enters join mode in two cases:

  1. When PDM memory is erased
  2. Right after leaving existing network

Long (> 2000ms) clicking on BTN (DIO0 to GND) erases PDM memory. The device will restart and then automatically join.


Close JP1_5 (DIO 3) on GND to restart device.

Small prehistory

Some time ago I found such modules based on JNN5169 on TaoBao and ordered a couple.

Initially, I planned to use them as development boards to learn and play Zigbee SDK by NXP. I soldered just such a comb for easy installation into a breadboard.

But since they are not very convenient as a development board, it was decided to make routers out of them to expand the Zigbee network.


Original Lumi Router JN5169 firmware by Igor Listopad

Lots of info about LM15-SP-WM thanks to @AFaron0v

Xiaomi Zigbee (1): Getting to know the hardware by Lev Aronsky @levaronsky

Hello NXP JN5169 World by Oleksandr Masliuchenko @grafalex82

Comment 22819072 thanks to @mrG1K