ZigUNO is a development board for creating DIY Zigbee devices based on Ebyte E18-MS1 module (CC2530)

Physically, the board is compatible with all shields of the Uno form factor. Finally you can use countless old Arduino shields 🤣

As a firmware, it is proposed to use:

  1. Zigbee configurable firmware PTVO 🚀
  2. Develop your own using ZigUP or one of the various DIYRuZ projects as examples
  • A beginner’s guide to using PTVO is available on Habr (in russian)
  • A beginner’s guide to developing your own Zigbee firmware is available on Habr (in russian)
  • A complete guide showing how to install IAR to start developing your own firmware is available on ZigDevWiki
ZigUNO is certified open source hardware project


v1.5 (Jun 2022)

Version 1.5 differences:

  • Type C instead of micro usb, keeping up with the times 🤩
  • The 8-pin connector has been replaced with a 6-pin connector. the last two are not connected and only interfere with some sub-boards 🤦‍♂️
  • Rearranged components on the board 🙃
  • Added designations of pin capabilities directly to the board to make it even more convenient for you 🥳
  • Slightly changed the graphics on the board, as a sign of support for Ukraine 🇺🇦

Scheme is the same. Gerber files will be uploaded after the tests. Photo too.





Gerber & BOM


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Made in Ukraine

ZigUNO is licensed under the

GNU General Public License v3.0