This adapter is designed to connect an eBus compatible boiler to any TTL port (TTL-USB, ESP8266, ESP32, Arduino, etc).

Same size as popular RS485-TTL module for more compatibility.

As a software part, you can use ebusd with different connection types:

  • TTL-UART - you need converter that doesn’t buffer too much data (CP2102 or FTDI based (like FT232)) πŸ‘
  • ESP8266 / ESP32 enhanced ebusd protocol using ebusd-esp firmware (only Wi-Fi connection now) πŸŽ‰
  • Raspberry Pi internal UART port can be used with some preparations,
    but I recommend ttyebus kernel module which is with the lowest latency possible πŸš€
  • ser2net compatible firmware (ESPEasy, ESP-Link, ESPHome, Tasmota, etc) or hardware converter with some restrictions (Receive - OK; Transmit - may be errors) πŸ€”

Also available HA integration between ebusd daemon and Home Assistant 🏚





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